80s Industrial Standard Vol. 1

First volume of my podcast with music ranging from eary 80s synth pop to industrial avant garde whatever … 

80s Industrial Standard Vol.1 by Diego Ferri on Mixcloud

I’m hypnotized ! can’t stop listening to this evil sequence of notes

part zwei of my podcast on mixcloud

80s Industrial Standard Vol.2 by Diego Ferri on Mixcloud

Richard Dawson | Wooden Bag | the Blank Session (by blanksessions)

Paro @ Strangely Ritual

get this :

D.Ferri / TT Geigenschrey - TransMutation #1 (demo-unmixed)

unmixed demo recorded live in Schwedenstraße - early 2012

D.Ferri : baritone gtr. / FX / ebow / drums
TT Geigenschrey : e-violin / feedbacks

equalize this :

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enjoy !

o’ capolavoro !

A while drunk A while mad A while tearing harp-strings to shreds Smoking tobacco, going insane This new fashion we practiced and never will we part from it.

Turlough Carolan

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